Sheridan Revitalization Movement is made up of any and all who would like to help our growing, beautiful town.

Board Members

  • President – Tkeisha Wydro  
  • Vice President – Ashton Sanders 
  • Sergeant at Arms –  John Glenski
  • Treasurer – Ann Meyer
  • Secretary – Jason Aden

Founding Members

Leo Krick

We’d like to make a special note of thanks to Leo Krick, the founding Vice President, and a huge reason why this movement was started.

James Buckles

Also a big “Thank you” to Jim Buckles, who was our founding Sergeant at Arms. Thank you for everything you do for Sheridan.


There are many members who come to our meetings, or help with clean-ups or parades.

Join us at our Monthly Meetings.

Here’s our May, 2024 Meeting, recorded by Joe with West Valley Trasperancy.